At Golden Valley Medical & Oxygen Supply, mobility is of key importance. We keep you functional and ambulatory so you can experience a full life. We have  4-wheel Rollators, Folding Walkers, Knee Scooters, Canes and Crutches for every need. We carry the following products from NOVA Joy. 

4 Wheel Rollator w/Seat

Golden Valley Medical carries a variety of 4 wheel Rollators with seats from Nova Joy to meet your needs. These 4 wheel Rollators comes equipped with the following:

• Indestructible
• Lightweight durable aluminum frame
• Padded rubber hand-grips
• Large 8” wheels roll and turn easily
• Built-in handle for easy folding and carrying
• Quick-Fit push buttons allow handle and seat height to be easily adjusted in seconds, for a perfect fit when sitting and walking
• Locking Feather-Touch hand brakes are easy to squeeze, grip and control.
blow molded plastic seat with comfortable PU cushion pad. 
• Comfortable padded flip up backrest for quick and easy compact storage

• Under-seat pouch provides safe storage for personal belongings

We love the new Phoenix Rise UP Rollator because it gives your body the vehicle to Rise Up & Look Forward. The unique design makes walking happen … with an upright, forward looking posture, optimum control and stability and much reduced body strain and fatigue. And, when walking happens … you can Rise Up & Look Forward to just about anything.


  1. Contoured, padded armrests

  2. Locking hand brakes 

  3. Quick-Adjust button for handle height

  4. 10” front wheels & 8” rear wheels

  5. Large padded sling seat

  6. Handles to hold while seated and provide assist support to stand

  7. Padded backrest with built-in cable holder

  8. Removable front pouch with zipper closure

  9. Attached cane holder


Folding Walkers


Golden Valley Medical carries a variety of lightweight folding walkers from Nova Joy to meet your needs. Folding Walkers are NOT all the same. These folding walkers come equipped with the following:


Although they are common and standard in features (and most are grey…not our favorite), there are lots of great accessories to make these folding walkers look and function a thousand percent better…and they even come in colors! And don’t forget your Walker Skis.


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folding walkers.jpg

Knee Scooters

Golden Valley Medical carries a variety of folding Knee Scooters from Nova Joy to help you get around easier with a leg or ankle injury.


The NOVA Knee Walker is an excellent mobility device for foot or ankle injuries when the affected area cannot bear weight or has limited weight-bearing precautions. It can be a great long or short term alternative to crutches that can have adverse effects, such as back or underarm pain from extended use. 

The Knee Walker comes in three sizes, so you can choose the walker that’s right for you. The TKW-12 is a great fit for most users. The TKW-13 has a sturdy, reinforced frame for a higher weight capacity and the TKW-14 also features a Heavy Duty frame and is ideal for taller users.

Off Set Canes


Offset Canes with Strap are clearly a cane favorite. The offset shape provides excellent support for the wrist, the soft grip is comfortable for the hands and the strap is super convenient.

Quad Canes


Sometimes you need more support and stability than a cane with a standard tip and Quad Canes are a great solution. All Quad Canes can rotate for use with either right or left hand. And of course, they must have style and selection so you can choose from many prints and options.

Folding Canes


Our Folding Canes are both functional and fun because you can take them anywhere. They are so easy to fold and store in a purse or backpack and unfold ready to walk in style.

Adjustable Folding Seat Cane


The folding seat canes are made out of lightweight aluminum and has a full curve foam handle. They have a comfortable seat and sturdy cane that is ideal for shoppers, strollers, or golfers. The seat size is 8″d x 10″w and the seat height can adjust from 18″ to 22″. The handle height adjusts from 35″ to 39″. The cane weighs 2 lb and the tip size is 30011.

Travel Seat Cane


With the Travel Seat Cane, you can give yourself a front row seat any time, any place, and anywhere. Golf tournament, Disney parade or sunset … anyone? It is easy to use, foldable and lightweight.

Folding Cane for Visually Impaired


The folding cane for the visually impaired is made out of lightweight aluminum. It has a red and white tip, folds easily, and is 60″ in length.
Color: Red and White



Crutches have stood the test of time and have always been the go-to medical device when suffering from a leg injury to keep the weight off the leg. 

Lightweight aluminum crutches with quick adjust handles for easy handgrip adjustments. Available in four sizes by patient height: Pediatric, Youth, Adult, and Tall Adult.

Mobility Bags & Accessories

Just because you use a walker, rollator, knee scooter, cane or crutches, doesn't mean you can't look good using it. Nova Joy has many accessories to give you more options, features, style and pizzazz. They also make life a lot easier, smoother and convenient. By adding one or more of these accessories to the device you use will help you remain independent.