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Diagnostic Supplies

Diagnostic Supplies

Blood Pressure Monitors


"Doctors use a sphygmomanometer to take systolic and diastolic measurements, the phases when the heart pumps blood and then rests."

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Proper Monitoring of Blood Pressure

Combination of Home Blood Pressure Monitoring & Doctor Visits Keeps The Numbers You Need to Know In Check

by Omron Healthcare

New Trials Shed Light On Monitoring Tips To Follow During February, American Heart Month

Bannockburn, Ill – A recent research review has concluded that home blood pressure monitors can help people keep their blood pressure in check and possibly cut down on medication – as long as patients and their doctors put those home readings to good use. For years, Omron Healthcare, Inc. has reminded Americans how important home blood pressure monitoring is when it comes to reducing their risk of a heart attack or stroke, and truly wants people to take the news to heart in 2011.

In fact, the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends people with high blood pressure should purchase an accurate monitor and take regular readings at home. With a home monitor, blood pressure readings are made easier and can be used in tandem with those from the doctor’s office. In short, a combination of proper readings at home and in the doctor’s office can successfully manage high blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Doesn’t Affect Me, Right?

Omron Healthcare has been committed to developing not only validated monitors, but monitors that fit all lifestyles, and this is especially important for people searching for a monitor they can easily use.

making it easier than ever to do just that. 


What is Clinical Validation for a Blood Pressure Monitor?

One of the most common questions we hear is “What does clinical validation mean?”.  When you see a "Clinically Validated for Accuracy" symbol on an A&D product, it means that the product has been thoroughly tested and has stood up to the medical industry's world-class protocols.  









The clinical validation tests verify the accuracy of the device according to certain criteria, like whether they have high, low, or normal blood pressure, and pre-existing diseases.  Essentially, this means that the blood pressure monitor has been confirmed to give accurate and reliable results.  



The ability to check your blood pressure easily, wherever you are, is essential not only to your health but to your peace of mind. When you do, it's important to have complete reassurance that your numbers are accurate.




Get portability, convenience, and complete blood pressure accuracy right out of the box so you can go about your day with confidence. The accuracy of all OMRON blood pressure monitors—both upper arm and wrist models—is validated by three major global organizations that develop testing protocols.

Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Reuseable Hot and Cold Therapy

Pain Reliever

Complex Supports

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Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack is nearly twice the size of most standard heating pads., large enough to cover the entire spinal area.  
Original Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack is designed with a special hand-held switch. Just press for heat, release to cool and alternate as often as you like. If you happen to doze off and your hand relaxes, the unit will cool as a safety feature.


Biofreeze Professional 

Biofreeze Professional provides cooling pain relief from backaches, arthritis, sore muscles and joints, sprains, strains, and bruises, which makes it ideal for use during in-clinic visits or for at-home pain relief in between visits.  The new Biofreeze Professional formulation, available in a variety of sizes and application types, features a proprietary herbal blend and United States Pharmacopeia (USP) grade menthol as the active ingredient

Support Devices

Support Devices

Cozy: Copper Complex Collection Superior / Standard


Nowadays people use too much their hands and fingers for texting, gaming and working with computers. Many people severely hurt their hands by these activities.

This seamless knit support is interwoven with strands of Copper Complex. Cozy Support actually radiates low-frequency infrared, for a very gradual heating. 

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Cozy Support enhances blood circulation and eases painful joints and muscles. Because the copper fiber also stores heat, it raises skin temperature through air circulation keeping you comfortable without being overly hot or sweaty during the summer and keep you warm during the winter. Cozy Support is not only recommended for those who suffer from joint pain, sore muscles, numbness, aches, coldness and lower back pain, it is also effective for swollen legs, fatigue from sports, painful joints


Sooth your aching back with the perfect combination of warmth and support with copper complex. Cozy Support is also designed with electric conductive material to promote body electricity that stimulates affected muscles, joints and nerves. This aids in circulation to help relax muscles and joints without discomfort. 



Innovative knit structure provides gradient compression to promote the healing process. Anatomical contouring supports natural motion of the knee and provides an exceptional fit. Motion comfort zone in popliteal area for increased comfort. 


Hely & Weber KUHL Lei Back II

Back Brace is a standard brace which is ideal for lower back and abdominal support. It is made of Kuhl perforated neoprene. Back Brace has anterior and posterior panel which contours for a personalized anatomical fit. A posterior pocket is provided for the lordotic foam pad for step-down support.

Truform transparent.png

 * For your convenience, Golden Valley Medical has an "on-site" certified compression hosiery fitter. 

Truform Leg Health

Truform offers a vast range of graduated compression therapy hosiery, from luxurious stockings and pantyhose to high performance and everyday activewear. 


Our compression garments hug your legs for an invigorating fit, helping to relieve the oftentimes-painful symptoms of poor blood circulation. Our vast collection is carefully designed with the customer in mind, ensuring there’s a style for everyone.

Wound Care

Wound Care

We carry multiple brands of wound care products. If you don't see a brand listed, give us a call. 

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Perineal Care

Perineal Care

We carry a variety of brands to make perineal care easier and healthier.


Prevail® Adult Washcloths are engineered to clean and refresh the skin following leaks or product changes. Each wipe is Lotion Enriched and contains Vitamin E and Aloe to soothe and moisturize as it cleanses the skin. Single-Hand Dispensing® allows you to grab one wipe at a time while triple-layer fabric makes each wipe more durable so that clean-up is quick, clean, and waste-free. - Source: Prevail Website

Ca-Rezz Cream

Ca-Rezz Cream is a non-greasy antimicrobial cream specially formulated to protect and soothe skin irritated by diaper rash, psoriasis, minor burns, chafing and itching; ideal for use by anyone with extremely dry skin. Also apply to pressure-sensitive areas.


Ca-Rezz Cream Features

  • Antimicrobial - Reduces infectious microorganisms that can cause painful rashes, bedsores, and decubitus ulcers

  • Help to eliminate germs for up to 2 hours. Protect skin against infection and odor between usages

  • Enriched with Vitamin A, D & E. Reduces swelling while stimulating tissue regeneration and healing

  • Non-greasy. Easy to apply. Leaves skin, clothing and bed linen clean and fresh

  • pH Balanced - Kind to sensitive skin

  • Moisturizes

  • Leaves skin healthy, soft and silky smooth adding comfort and protection

Ca-Rezz Wash Spray

Ca-Rezz Gentle Wash Formula has been formulated with an antimicrobial agent to provide the extra level of protection for today's increased health risks. Intended for frequent daily use. Stops odors and reduces the risk of cross-contamination. This advanced no-rinse skin cleanser is effective against many of today's complex pathogens.


Ca-Rezz Gentle Wash Directions

1. Spray Ca-Rezz Gentle Wash where urine, feces or emesis has soiled skin, pad linens, and clothing.

2. Remove bulk of feces or emesis.

3. Spray additional Ca-Rezz Gentle Wash on a warm wet cloth. Cleanse skin of all remaining residue. Pat dry. NOTE: If the area needing care is sizable and fecal or emesis material massive, rinsing is advised.

4. Add one capful of Ca-Rezz Gentle Wash to the regular laundry to eliminate residual odors.

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