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Wheelchairs & Accessories

Here at Golden Valley Medical & Oxygen Supply, mobility is one of our specialties. We will keep you functioning and experiencing the joys of life by providing a wide variety of options to keep you mobile.    We provide Manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, & custom rehab wheelchairs, scooters, positioning cushions, wheelchair bags, trays, threshold, and folding ramps.

Manual Wheelchairs

Golden Valley Medical carries a variety of manual wheelchairs from Nova Joy to meet your needs. These Steel Wheelchairs comes equipped with detachable and reversible desk arms or fixed full-length arms and elevating leg rests. It also features dual axle positions for quick seat height conversion and flame retardant black nylon upholstery. There are industry compatible accessories available for this product.


These wheelchairs are available for purchase and for rental.

Pulse® Series

A simple and reliable wheelchair


The Quickie® Pulse® is a compact, durable power wheelchair that gives you infinite indoor accessibility and in-town driving capabilities. Its reliable motors, simple electronics, and seating options give you just what you need to make the most out of your day.

 - Sunrise Medical

Ultra Lightweight Transport Chairs

The product names says it all! These great chairs (and not the “Wheelchair” kind) are 1) Lightweight – so easy to lift and 2) Transport – they can take you just about anywhere. So, just because your legs can’t get you there doesn’t mean you can’t be there and be together.


  • Much easier to use for transporting than a wheelchair, with a lightweight aluminum frame (weighs only 18.5 lb) and a 300 lb weight capacity

  • Quickly and easily folds compactly for transport and storage

  • Comes with fixed desk length padded arms, quick release fold-down back, adjustable belt, durable thick nylon upholstery and back close-able pocket

  • Comes with removable and adjustable footrests, 8” front/rear wheels and rear wheel locks

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