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Senior Care

Golden Valley Medical & Oxygen Supply knows the importance of caring for seniors, and we have a large selection of products to help meet their daily needs. Below is a selection of some of the items we have to help you care for your loved one.

Raised Toilet Seat

IDEAL SOLUTION to aid user getting on and off the toilet by raising the toilet seat 5” and providing arms for support, leverage, and safety. 20” width between arms for more seat clearance. PADDED ARMS have two adjustments (17.75” and 20”) and are easily removable as an option, making them ideal for travel or storage

EASY & QUICK INSTALLATION with no tools required. Installs on and off in just seconds. Depending on the style/size of the toilet, you may be able to install it with the seat and lid attached. Very durable and easy to clean.

Mattress Cover - Allman.jpg

Mattress Cover

Golden Valley Medical carries Matters Covers in various sizes to totally protect your mattress. Easy on and off for washing.


• Made of long-wearing stay-soft vinyl
• Wipes clean with a damp cloth
• Completely waterproof
• Zippers are strong & rust-proof

Dragon Rise Up Rollator

The Dragon Rise UP Rollator gives your body the mobility partner to Rise Up & Look Forward. The unique design makes walking happen … with an upright forward-looking posture, optimum control and stability, and much-reduced body strain and fatigue. And, when walking happens … you can Rise Up & Look Forward to just about anything. The Dragon also has a Fold Down Option making it compact to fit in a car trunk and easy to take just about anywhere.

Waterproof Reusable Underpad


  • Polyester, cotton

  • 100% COTTON TOP LAYER is the softest on your skin.



  • Great for the entire family - kids, adults, and pets.


Foam Bed Wedges

• Reduces back pain
• Aids in respiratory discomfort
• Improves upper body circulation
• Relaxes the back & eases stress
• Replacement covers available
• Colors available:
white, light blue, navy & burgundy

Knee Spacer

• Attaches to leg for a secure hold
• Eases back, leg, hip & knee pain
• Great for side sleepers and/or pregnant women
• Comes with terry cloth cover in light blue and navy
• Available in 3 sizes

Off Set Canes


The 24 & 32-inch Dragon Reachers can retrieve dropped or hard-to-reach items that weigh as much as 2.5 pounds. It has an ergonomic design and is strong, lightweight, and safe with no sharp edges. It can grab objects at any height and angle due to its jaw that rotates 360 degrees and patented trigger that multiplies gripping strength. The magnetic tip on the jaws of the Reacher is perfect for picking up small metal objects, and a hook aids in activities such as picking up keys, shutting doors, or pulling items closer.

Gait Belts

Gait Belt - Nova.jpg

SAFE & EFFECTIVE TRANSFER AID for a caregiver or healthcare professional to help safely and easily support patients and loved ones with walking, standing up, sitting down, and transferring from one place to another. Proper use of this gait and transfer belt can prevent caregiver/healthcare professional injuries and patient falls.

Deluxe Hip Kit

  • 1 – 27″ dressing stick to assist with dressing and undressing.

  • 1 – shoe horn helps with bending over and guiding feet into footwear and is 24 inches long.

  • 1 – sock aid which makes putting socks on easier. It is lined with nylon to reduce friction on the foot and has long straps for easy assistance.

  • 1 – bath sponge with a deluxe long handle assists with washing hard-to-reach areas and flexes to the contours of the body.

  • 1 – 32″ dragon reacher helps you retrieve dropped or hard-to-reach items that weigh as much as 2.5 pounds.

  • 2 pairs of 32″ elastic shoelaces allow laced shoes to be slipped on and off easily.

Senior Briefs & Panty Liners

Prevail® Pant Liners are designed for men and women. Pant Liners are a two-part system with a full-length adhesive strip that secures the product in the wearer’s own underwear for leakage protection. 

Prevail's Protective Underwear goes beyond protecting from moderate leakage associated with urge and mixed incontinence. It has improved efficiency by reducing odors and promoting skin health. Advanced discreet core technology has exceptional performance with added comfort and discretion.


Bath Seats & Benches

The Bath Seat with Arms and Back is constructed of heavy-duty molded plastic and aluminum anodized frame. The padded arms provide comfort and stability when getting on and off the bath seat. The arms, legs, and back are push-button removable for easy installation and great for travel and storage. The skid-resistant rubber tips provide added safety and stability.

The Standard Transfer Bench with Back is designed with an extended seat to allow for seated user transfer and bathing. The back is push-button removable and converts easily to left or right sides. The skid-resistant rubber tips on the inside legs have an extra-wide suction base for added safety and security.

Mobility Bags & Accessories

Just because you use a walker, rollator, knee scooter, cane or crutches, doesn't mean you can't look good using it. Nova Joy has many accessories to give you more options, features, style and pizzazz. They also make life a lot easier, smoother and convenient. By adding one or more of these accessories to the device you use will help you remain independent.

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